UGU Film Festival is the non-profit organization that was established with a purpose of

uplifting, empowering, capacitating and development of creative artists from disadvantaged

backgrounds. We do this by organizing annual information sharing platforms, workshops, discussions

and rural visits. We involved prestigious and successful experts, celebrities, directors in each field, who then visit previously disadvantaged areas and do motivational talks.


These community outreach projects inspire youth and children to focus in life knowing that

everything is possible in life, all youth and community members who come accross these big names,

speak to them personally and touch them commit to long term strategic goals afterwards, some even go as far as starting their own initiatives!


We achieved our mission over the years by bringing big names from Africa, Asia, USA, Thailand, Vietnam etc. Some of the names includes 1. Steven Lambert from USA known for his role as Action Director/Stunt Coordinator on films like Robocop, American Ninja etc, 2. Nonthakorn Thaweesuk from Thailand known for Ong Bak Sequel, 3. Patrick Garcia known for films like Last Sacrament, 4. Peter Pham from Vietnam known for films like Foggy Mountain etc.

5. Simon Kook known for Ipman 3, Ong Bak etc, 6. Menzi Ngubane, Leleti Khumalo and 8. Luthuli Dlamini. Their visits made a tremendous impact in lives of the attendees thus improving standards of living for those communities while decreasing social-ills.


This project is for the people by the people, it relies on donations, volunteers

and sponsorships to survive and keep going. All those willing to donate to our cause can email us at

NPO No.: